Most of us who pay bills or just need extra cash are always looking for ways to make extra money. If you are looking for choices on how to make extra money, you can now start earning hundreds of dollars each month with the top 25 paid survey sites below! Some survey sites pay daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Choose the survey sites that works better for your financial needs. Check out Harris Poll, Toluna,  Vindale Research , CashCrate and Global TestMarket to name just a few legit survey sites.


There are millions of survey sites members right now who are earning cash for the honest opinions on many products and services.


Joining survey sites and completing surveys and offers online is free, fast, easy cash for college students, teenagers, graduates, professionals, starving artist, and housewives!  Check out our top legit 25 survey sites below.

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Top 25 Easy Ways To Make Legit Extra Cash Online With Survey Sites


Try CashCrate! Top Paid Survey Site Online

CashCrate started in 2006. CashCrate has over 2 million members all over the world. 

     BBB rating: A+

 We picked Vindale Research because they pay out twice a month, on the 15th and 31st of every month!

BBB rating: C+

Top 6 Legit Survey Sites To Check Out

Try Global Test Market
Try Vindale Research
Try Toluna
Try the Harris Poll
Try Panda Research

Panda Research offers short and timely fashioned surveys. Panda Research has been a  preferred survey site.

Global Test Market is available in 49 countries and anyone 14 years old and older can join. 

     BBB rating: A+

The Harris Poll is a great survey site.Just  join Harris panel and start earning cash instantly.

BBB rating: B+

Toluna has surveysall over the globe. Toluna is a favorite pick for many.

BBB rating: A

Have you been seeking ways to make extra online in your spare or full time? Have you tried survey sites but they were a scam or you were just skeptical? Don't consume your time with online survey companies that don't pay, as well as are not reputable survey site. Register with legitimate top online survey sites that simply pay you for  completing offers and for your sincere point of views on various services and products. Top companies will pay you to complete surveys and  trial offers. You can essentially earn $5 - $75 per survey with top legitimate survey sites online. Working from home is worth a large amount and there are lots of good ways to make extra online . You could function your own hours, still keep your job and make additional earnings at no price. Some survey sites even pay daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.


Need a brand-new vehicle, computer, iPad, iPhone, but however can't pay for one? Are you over-due on bills? If you answered yes, completing surveys and offers with top survey sites are good ways to make extra online to supplement your income and earn easy extra cash in your spare time. You do not have to work overtime and stress to earn added income. Work online from home and get paid! It's that easy! Once you acquire that very first check in the mail or via PayPal, you will feel the adrenaline  of getting paid online with survey sites and you will never ever look back again. Completing surveys online is a quick very easy means to earn additional income guaranteed if you register with the ideal legit survey sites below.







Just enroll with top online paid survey websites  we recommend. Attaining additional money online is right up under your nose and also actually simple and fast to make. If you're looking to making an added number of hundred dollars (or more) a month, begin by joining paid online survey sites. has actually collected the leading reputable paid survey sites online so you do not lose your time with those bogus sites online that have a bad credibility of not paying.


In order to get begun generating the huge dollars, you should understand precisely where to discover the highest paying sites around, like CashCrate, Global Test Market, Harris Poll, and Toluna, just to name a few. If you're on the hunt for strong proven survey sites to sign up with but cannot seem to discover any  sites worth your time, don't stress - take a look at our top paying survey sites! The process is quite simple and you can be well on your way to making money in a matter of minutes! Don't waste any more time - go out there and sign up with the top survey sites and also begin today with your initial survey as well as make your first reward, gift card or cash!


Earn Extra Cash Completing Online Surveys and Offers
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Check Out Why Completing Surveys And Offers Are Good Ways To Make Extra Money Online

CashCrate started in 2006 and has been a #1 survey site choice amongst many to earn extra money  completing offers and surveys. It has more than 2 million members all over the world.  Cashcrate accepts members as young as 13 years of age. They have many different alternatives to making money, from watching videos, completing surveys, offers, trials and there referral program.  CashCrate has a low $20 threshold. Get paid via Dwolla, or check. BBB Rating A+


Try CashCrate! Top Paid Survey Site Online
Vindale Research

Vindale Research pays you to evaluate products and services. Just for giving your opinion once you reach $50 you will be paid via PayPal on the 15th and 30th. Yes! They pay twice a month via PayPal or check! Earn extra cash  by taking as many surveys as you wish and receive emails when there is a new survey available. Also make extra cash with their referral program. Great company to start with

My Survey started in 1995 and currently has a A+ rating with the BBB. This survey site is a dependable site and has awarded $16, 370,839 to their worldwide members in 2013. Join the 4 million members in over 40 markets across The Americas, Europe & Asia. My Survey aka Lightspeed Research has been around since 1972. Participate in online surveys, diaries and product tests now with one of the top survey sites online.

Zoompanel offers a sweet deal when signing up. Effortlessly earn your first points by signing up. Once you join, you can start earning points for taking surveys on company products. Be the first to test and try out new brands before they hit the public. Get a first glance and input on what works about the product or what should be fixed before hiting stores. Join now Zoom panel below and earn your first 50 points.


i-say is without a doubt a loyalty program that really rewards those loyal to them. Very detailed and custom oriented providing a ref # for easy reference. isay reminder of how long you have to complete survey and the points you can earn are added to your account once your survey has been validated. As soon as you complete survey, go to your account within a few minutes and points earned should be added! Surveys vary on length and product! Get started below

Toluna  is a great global survey site and a favorite pick for many. Get paid to complete surveys and after you have completed the survey you will receive points which can be redeemed for great prizes. Most surveys take about 15-20 minutes to finish. You can get all kinds of awesome stuff, like sweepstakes tickets for great new gadgets, getaways, or even cold hard cash!

With Vip Voice you can now express your voice and opinion on products and services you like or dislike. It is a great survey site to start with.  It is a very reputable company. NPD Group was founded in 1967 and has well over 3 million members. Vip voice has over 12 million surveys a year on Footwear, Sports, Beauty, and more. That means a lot of  extra cash in your pocket just for completing awesome surveys. Make a difference and join now

Vip Voice formerly NPD Online Research

Panada Research is a great survey site. Simply join their panel and start earning cash instantly. Panda research is well established with members in over 20+ countries making it a top legitimate global survey site. Panda Research is for the United States territories, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain and Germany are eligible to join free. 

Panda Research
AIP Online Surveys
Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions operates by Research Now and currently over 3 million participants. Valued Opinions survey panel is available in 15 languages across 20 countries. Complete online surveys with Valued Opinions and earn quick easy cash. The surveys are usually between the payouts as little as .5 cents to $5.00. Account must reach $20.00 to redeem your rewards. You can use it anywhere visa is accepted. 13 years or older to join Valued Opinions.

Get paid for receiving and responding to e-mail advertisements, private invitations and ivites to participate in brand battles, shopping experience and general profile survey. Plus, check out Web sites and signup for offers to receive points that can be exchanged for cash  and much more including featured deals that even includes free samples.

AIP draws up the perfect example of how it serves business organizations with voices development. Businesses request surveys , AIP sends and notifys to members, they complete survey, send respond back and you earn for your opinion. AIP offers e-point rewards with participates in cash conversion. AIP minimum cash conversion totals at 500epoints. When you reach 100epoints or at 100epoints the total cash conversion is $1.00


Global Test Market helps well established and new industry companies develop market feedback from consumers of products and services. A survey community, Global test market offers rewards for every survey completed. They are available in 49 countries and anyone 14 years old and older can join. BBB rating: A+

iPoll is an online and mobile community where your unique perspective is your gain. Answering questions about the products and services you use. Get paid a bonus to sign up and earn cash with your smart phone from every survey completion. Fill out profile demographic to ensure your on contact for the online surveys email, sample services and products test opinions.

Global Test Market

Since 1999, Surveysavvy has been in the online respondent community that has gone global. With Surveysavvy you can take online surveys and after successful completion, you get paid by check. As with any other company listed here, fill out completely your profile for better amounts of surveys your can receive. Request a check with only $1 in your account.

PiggyBank GBT offers a lucrative way to make cash money or gift cards. PiggyBankGPT collects offers and distributes them to members to earn free cash for every online feedback they take advantage of. PiggyBankGPT provides one of the easiest ways to make money online by instantly validating online completions.

Survey Savvy
Piggy Bank

Harris Poll has been a long standing marketing firm that has shed light on every industry. Offers are from a wide range of industries that many create products that are stable household names. To make products more suitable or to upgrade where need be, Harris interacts your opinions in exchange to some rewards that include cash.

The Harris Poll
Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is a survey site and it also offers many different ways to make money online. It's free to sign up and they have many surveys and offers that start from .50 cents to $50.00. Most offers from Treasure Trooper are free. Once you reach $20 in your account you will be paid on the 15th-20th of the month. The great thing about Treasure Trooper is, you can request instant payment and not wait to get paid on the 15th-20th of the month.

MyView is a global community of individuals who rate and express their honest opinions on a wide range of topics. MyView is considered a gift card lovers haven because they have more than a dozen gift cards to many different retailers like TJ Maxx, Itunes and even pay out with VISA prepaid cards.

Express yourself with E-Poll. Get paid to take online surveys and do reviews on many goods you may have personally bought or gotten for yourself. Earn free gift cards for your time or fund your paypal account when you have earned enough. Receive survey invitations via email. It's free to join.


Opinion Outpost is the Premier Paid Online Poll Community that allows consumers to make money by participating for panel reviews and polls. Various types of invites are sent out daily and by demographic, so make sure you include enough info to qualify. Redeem cash or gift certificates.

Opinion Outpost

The 20 survey sites below are all good ways to make money online with legit top survey sites. The best way to make money online with survey sites is by signing up with all the top legitimate paid survey sites online. Below, we have compiled some of the most legitimate paid survey sites online that pay. Check them out and give them a try. See how you can get paid by completing surveys online.

Swag Bucks is an online virtual currency that allows members to exhange their "bucks" for gift cards. Earn by taking surveys, watching TV, getting deals by completing offers and more. Over $60 Million has been paid to members and you can be earning swag bucks too. Register for free & earn $30 Swagbucks!

Take paid online surveys at Crowdology USA. Earn money by sharing your opinions as part of an online community panel how much you earn depends on survey and time spend on it. When you have completed a survey, you may be offered additional opportunities to increase your earning. Payout is after $8 have been accumulated in your account.

With UniqueRewards you can earn back when you make purchases online, read qualifying emails or when you sign up for free trial offers. Earn 50cents when you sign up and complete your profile survey. The minimum pay out amount is $20.

Mindspay makes payments through paypal and they pay you to review products, read emails, participate in paid offers and even when you print off coupons. After registration, you'll be taken to the offers ready. Get paid in multiples of $50.

SuperPay.Me pays you to completing Free Paid Surveys, Paid Trials, PTC ads and other Free Paid Offers that are in your Offer Wall. SuperPay.Me is the easy way to earn easy cash. Sign up and directly go to the Make Money tab to get started. Payout minimum is $1 and you can earn cash or points.

Unique Rewards

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